Quality is an important factor for us !!
In Quotations Part feasibility study is done and an Inquiry Register and Order History Card is maintained.
In the process
Process flow diagram & process FMEA is established along with the control plan.
APQP status report maintained.
PPAP activity completed
X & R bar chart for process established.
For the raw materials
Quality plans for Raw material, Sampling Plans, etc. are followed in accordance with Inspection norms & standards.
For sub-contractors Approval list, Evaluation and Regular Audit has become an essential norm.
For Inspection Customer standards and drawings are updated with modification.
Old drawings & Modified drawings are disposal off with.
Quality plan for raw material, Heat treatment and surface coating is established.
Quality plan process cycle and procedure is established.
Procedure and control are displayed in the regional language.
First piece, In-process, & Final Inspection are carried out.
Metallurgical test, Hydrogen Embrittlement test & Salt
Spray test is made mandatory.
Gauges, Instruments & machines are calibrated.
SPC is followed.
The gauge R & R study is done.
Non-confirmative generated products are reported and avoided.
In daily manufactured products. All formats, labels and charts, are identified and
Recording, Verifying, Accessing and Auditing Procedures are
Raw material and finished goods records are maintained.
Preventive maintenance is carried out
For Audit Evaluation of Quality Audit is done regularly.
Audit check at the plant and jobber end is carried out.
Raw material, Production, Tools and Dispatch Audit are carried out.
For training
Training norms are established.
Training are being carried out at all levels
Deputation on External training.