Machines / Manufacturing process

Spring India has excellent Manufacturing Facilities:
Presses (ranging from 10 to 500 tons),
Specialized Machines and High Speed Presses like Mabu and Bruder,
CNC Multislide Blanking and Forming Machines like Otto Bihler and Finzer - used for specialized multiforming jobs.
Shaker Hearth Furnaces and Austempering Furnaces - used for heat treatments and various surface coating facilities like Electroplating, Phosphating, Blackening, Dacrotizing, Powder coating, Lacquering, etc.
Surface and Duplex Grinders - used for grinding jobs.

The Tool Room has the CNC Wire cut and EDM Machines - used for tooling apart from other tool room machinery.
The design of the tooling is done with CAD technology, and on an average more than 3.5 tools are manufactured daily.

The entire product Inspection and Evaluation process is computerized, with inspection being carried out at Raw Material, Tooling, inline and final stage.

The Company has its own Research and Development centre. The machines manufactured in-house like the CNC Multislide Blanking & Forming Machine, CNC Snap Ring Machine, Feeder, Coiler, Reel Stand, Catch Feeds and Specialized Machines are an outcome of our Research & Development efforts.

Our New Developments include a majority of Hose Clips (Hose Band & Constant Tension Spring Band), which have been developed as import substitution for Indian Automobiles.

Office & Management: The Company uses the latest computers efficient in network and web support. We also have a very well integrated ERP Solution so that no time is lost in reaching and satisfying our customers.

Production Capacity: The incorporation of CNC devices, High Speed Presses, Tool Room Machinery, etc. have resulted in high productivity. The organization is now powered with extra capacity to cater to the quantity and quality required for export, after the addition of World-Class machines from a leading plant in Europe manufacturing Spring Steel Sheet metal Components.